The heavens declare the

glory of God

and the sky above proclaims

his handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

Everybody is a worshiper of something or someone. At GRAG, we place emphasis on worship of God alone through lifestyle. In much of Christianity, it seems that the term 'worship' refers to a musical style or the time of a church meeting when people sing. We choose to think of worship as an all encompassing lifestyle that certainly includes the musical portion of a church gathering and even private times of musical praise, but it goes far beyond in that everything we do in life, whether helping another, encouraging a coworker, even cleaning up after ourselves, becomes an act of worship to our Maker and Savior.
"Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."  Colossians 3:23 NLT
Part of what any church is called to do is serve the immediate world around them. GRAG is no different and we take that call seriously. We wish to reach the people of our region with the good news of a Savior who cares for them and can make their lives better. Our hope is that our actions demonstrate that care and love to those we come in contact with on a daily basis. This is our mission and goal, to see those in our little corner of the world know Jesus love through us. We exist so we can serve our fellow human as best we can, without judgement, without prejudice, and without  strings.
"And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.” Matthew 10:42 NLT
Jesus built influence. He influenced, or reached many people directly and indirectly in the time of his ministry on earth through his good works and wisdom. His reach has continued in the millenia since. We seek to build influence with individuals and groups in Sweetwater County in the same manner so that we may reach the most people possible with the love and message of Christ. We desire to help the helpless, feed the hungry, clothe those in need of clothing, provide shelter for the homeless, and in general, meet whatever practical need  we are able to meet for the people we come across on a daily basis.
"In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father." Matt. 5:16 NLT


Service Times

Sunday Mornings

9:00 am - Christian Education
10:00 am - Sunday Gathering

Wednesday Evenings

5:00 pm - Prayer
6:30 pm - Bible Study

Meet the team

D. Shawn  Johnston

Lead Pastor
Pastor Shawn is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and a servant leader with nearly 3 decades of pastoral leadership experience under his belt. He has worked with young and old, led and served on mission trips, has served in all areas of church ministry and cares deeply for those whom the Lord has called him to lead. He has been everything from Lead Interim Pastor to Youth Pastor to Police Chaplain to Executive Director of the Canon City Golden Age Center and Fremont Transit, a secular organization serving persons 50 and older through activities and providing public transit for persons of all ages. He has been married to the love of his life, Sarah, for over 25 years and has 2 grown children; David and Emily. Emily was married in 2022 to Jeff, the newest addition to the pastor's family. David and the Day's reside in Colorado. Pastor Shawn and Sarah are happy to be in the will of God and believe the Lord has uniquely equipped them for ministry at GRAG and to the community of Green River, WY.

Glenda Holmes

Administrative Assistant
Glenda has attended GRAG since 2002 and served as church secretary for 10 years of that time. She has served several pastors and the congregation well and continues to do so with a smile, humor, and willingness. We are grateful for our Church Secretary/Administrative Assistant!

Misty Babcock

Worship Leader
Misty has been involved music and children's ministry for many years, among other ministries at GRAG. She enjoys serving and working in ministry. In 2023, she earned her Certificate of Ministry through the Wyoming Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God. In addition to being our worship leader, she is a wife, mother of two, crafter, co-business-owner with her husband, and so much more!